All-Twine Knotted Rosary


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Though the Rosary itself is free, shipping and handling is not included.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. If you want an update on your order progress, please email your inquiry to: for an estimated shipping date.

Can’t afford to help us with a shipping donation?  Don’t worry, you can still get your one-time free Rosary just not through the convenience of the store.  If you live in the United States, print out this free rosary form and mail it to the provided address.  If you live outside of the United States, you can still use the same form, but we require a minimum shipping donation of at least $10.00 USD to be included to cover the expensive shipping costs.

Please allow up to 6 to 8 weeks for processing Free Rosary mail-in forms.


  1. I don’t have a printer, how can I request my one-time free Rosary? Clearly handwrite your rosary request and mail it to: New Evangelizers, Inc., 258 Beartooth Pkwy, Suite 100-150, Dawsonville, GA 30534.  Make sure to include your full United States mailing address and contact information.  If you would like additional rosaries for you to distribute to family or friends, please include a minimum tax deductible donation of at least $4.00 in U.S. cash or check made payable to New Evangelizers, Inc. for each rosary being requested.
  2. Can’t I just email Rosary Army my request for a free rosary? One-time free Rosary orders are only processed through this online store or by mailing in the Free Rosary mail-in form.
  3. Can I ask Rosary Army to send a complimentary rosary to or on behalf of someone else? Unfortunately, no.  We can only send Rosaries to the person making the request.
  4. If I represent a church or religious school inside the United States, can I place a bulk order of rosaries for my organization?  Please send your bulk order inquiry to and include the details of your organization and the event the rosaries are needed for. Please understand a fair and reasonable donation is required for this labor intensive service.
  5. If I live outside of the United States and need lots of rosaries for a poor or under-privileged area.  Can Rosary Army provide them?  Yes, it’s possible as long as we have the inventory in stock.  Please send serious inquiries to to begin the mission rosary application process.
  6. If I am an inmate or prisoner, can I also receive a complimentary rosary? If written verification from the correctional facility can be provided indicating that our all-twine knotted rosary (constructed out of 18 feet of twine) is considered safe and allowable to the inmate, then yes.

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